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Since the outbreak of the January 25 Revolution, Egyptian women have recorded a clear presence in various scenes of expression of opinion, and as a result, they have been subjected to tribulations ranging from harassment, arrest, injury to death, in a scene that was absent from the President of the National Council for Women when she spoke about the state of Egyptian women, which has become the worst conditionsWomen in the Arab world.

Since Sisi appeared on the Egyptian political scene, women have suffered the same violations that the Egyptian men suffers from:

 arrest, torture, enforced disappearance, murder, and even rape and the threat of rape because of their opposition or the opposition of their relatives to the regime.Thus, from the first moment, the Sisi regime crossed the red lines with regard to the arrest of women and girls ,According to the legal status report for the year 2018 issued by the Al-Shehab Foundation for Human Rights, Egyptian women in Egypt have suffered and are still suffering from numerous violations, as they were subjected to arbitrary detention, imprisonment, humiliation, and harassment in detention centers, as well as denial of visits and the prevention of entry of food or medicine, and some of them were sentenced by provisions Imprisonment of up to 5 years because of their opinions, kinship, lineage or human rights activities.

Therefore, this project provides stories for these women, whether they have been subjected to detention experience and have been released or are still in detention. It highlights the violations and losses resulting from the arrest and explainsthe painful experience they went through.

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